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HKEx Participant CE No.: ABI439
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Prudential Brokerage Limited (Prudential), established in 1986, is a participant of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited. As a Category B securities broker, we have more than $2 billion value of net assets, and manage more than several billion assets value of our clients.

Head Office
Conference Room

With the head office located in World Wide House, Central, we have branches in Lippo Sun Plaza, T.S.T.; Tung Sing Road, Aberdeen; Wu Hu Street, Hung Hom and Market Street, Tsuen Wan respectively. Apart from Tsuen Wan and Hung Hom Branch, the head office and all the other branches are self-owned properties. We are also actively selecting appropriate locations to expand our branch network.

Aberdeen Branch
Tsim Sha Tsui Branch
Tsuen Wan Branch

Prudential has a cost-effective structure which enables a high level of efficiency and flexibility. Realizing Information Technology is the key to success in the business, we have focused to integrate the cutting edge Information Technology to our business.


Prudential principally engages in offering comprehensive securities brokerage services which include stock, warrants, index and stock options, and index and stock futures in the HKEX. Our business also includes margin financing, IPO subscription and market analysis.

Securities Brokerage Services

Prudential provides both trust and margin securities account to our clients. Clients are able to place their trading order through telephone or Internet. Moreover, we also provide trading services for Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai B stocks.

Sales Department
Dealing Room

Options and Futures

Prudential is a participant of Hong Kong Futures Exchange Ltd and employs the Automatic Trading System (ATS) of HKEX for fast and secured options and futures trading.


In order to aid our clients to employ the funds on every golden investment opportunity effectively and flexibly, there are various financing and M&A advice available for corporate and individual clients. Besides, all margin financing are supported by our own resources, no bank financing is needed. We believe our strong financial status delivers confidence to the public.

IPO & Stock Underwriting

In September 2000, Prudential launched its first Initial Public Offer (IPO) service that clients are able to subscribe for IPO shares, and we were one of the pioneer groups of IPO Service Provider in Hong Kong. In 2004, we were the Co-Managers of the Hong Kong Public Offering on China Resources Power Holdings Co., Limited (836), ShangHai Forte Land Co., Limited (2337), China Shipping Container Lines Co., Limited (2866), and Shanghai Qingpu Fire-Fighting Equipmnet Co., Limited (8115).

Technical Support

Since 1988, Prudential have been serving institutional clients with technical support. Our IT department is constantly updating and maintaining our services.

IT Department
Server Room

Research & Analysis

We have a professional investment team which provides current market news and research analysis to our clients. Our professionals also publish the macro-economy analysis through the core financial media in Hong Kong such as HongKong Economic Journal, Apple daily, Oriental Daily News, HongKong Commercial Daily and Wen Wei Po.

Due to the China market is expanding rapidly, Prudential publishes its professional analysis reports on the major medium in Mainland China such as www.cnwnc.cn, Tai Kung Pao, Shenzhen Economic Daily, and Beijing Market Magazine in order to serve the investors in the Great China market.

Research Department
Financial Resources Group

Asset Management

We set up a Clients' Assets Supervision Team, which is responsible to inspect the Financial Resources Rule (FRR) that will be submitted to the SFC, and the stock portfolio deposited with CCASS. The team is constituted by clients, professional accountants and the sales representatives, allowing our colleagues and clients to have a better understanding of the company.

Internet Trading

We concur with the importance of information technology to the development of securities industry, therefore, we are committed to develop our own Information Technology in order to support various kind of product development. As far back as 1998, we had already launched our own website www.pru.com.hk. Clients can reach most updated current market news, statistics, and research analysis around the world. We also have a professional I.T. team oversees our enormous server that provides a stable trading platform for clients to trade stocks, futures and options under a secured system.


Prudential is focusing on the financial market and matching the needs in the market. We are carrying on to enhance the e-commerce technology to offer our clients a better online trading and more convenient financial services.


Recognizing the enormous market in the Mainland China, we intend to expand our business throughout Asia to make use of our sophisticated Information Technology systems.

Addresses & Phones

Head Office
901-904, 9/F, World-wide House, 19 Des Voeux Road C, Central, HK(852) 2143 3800
4001200550 (mainland)
Aberdeen1/F, 9-11 Tung Sing Road, Aberdeen, HK2580 3722
Wan Chai23/F, 141 Thomson Road, Wan Chai, HK2580 3722
Tsim Sha TsuiUnit 602-603, 6/F, Lippo Sun Plaza, 28 Canton Rd, TST, HK2722 1768
Hung HomG/F, 61 Wuhu St., Hung Hom, HK2365 0563
Ma Tau WaiShop G, G/F, Greenland Court, 88 Ma Tau Wai Road, Kowloon2773 9960
Tsuen Wan1/F, 49-51 Market Street, Tsuen Wan, NT, HK2414 3509
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