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HKEx Participant CE No.: ABI439
HSI Chart
HSI  28487.77
HSCEI  10609.37
Stock Data Analysis
Stock Margin
Upcoming IPOs
IPO Subscription
Stock Code
Bairong Inc
Offer Price (HKD)31.80
PE Ratio
Nominal Value (USD)0.00002
Lot Size500
Number of Offer Shares Number of Offer Shares under the Global Offering123,822,500 Shares
Number of Hong Kong Offer Shares12,383,000 Shares
Number of International Offer Shares111,439,500 Shares
eIPO Closing Date2021-3-23 11:00AM
Application Closing Date2021-3-24 12:00PM
Result Announcement Date2021-3-30 12:00PM Or before
Refund Date2021-3-30 12:00PM Or before
Dispatch of Shares Date2021-3-30 12:00PM Or before
Listing Date2021-3-31 9:00AM

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